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Shenzhen City Mai Jing Electronics Co., Ltd. is a specialized long-term production of liquid crystal display module (LCM) professional manufacturers, become the first-class manufacturers in the industry, to ensure the quality of products, products include LCD.COB, TAB, COG, liquid crystal display module (LCM). A crystal company now has more than 200 employees, of which R & D the quality of staff and management staff of nearly 50 people on the production process of the product is very mature, and continuous improvement and innovation, to provide customers with complete solutions display product concept, regardless of quality or service, has won the customer consistent affirmative. To provide the most suitable products according to customer needs, complete service to customer service make you full of confidence, no worries.
A: more than 200 kinds of standard and non - standard products
B: low prices, compared with the same industry manufacturers have absolute advantage
Customer first, quality first, pay attention to credibility, abide by the contract!
Product application: MP3, PDA, game machine, fax machine, printer, copier, attendance machine, access control machine, IP telephone, call center, electric meter, water meter, gas meter, patrol, vending machines, bank supermarket PCS system, injection molding machine, car machine, teaching instrument, medical instrument, VCD and DVD audio equipment. Elevator multimedia LCD, color LCD lift (picture machine), color liquid crystal display, intelligent elevator floor elevator computer monitoring system etc..
Products have been fully compatible with the brand lift.
We look forward to your friendly cooperation with you soon.
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Add:Shenzhen City, Baoan District Fuyong baishixia Eastern Fu Feng Da Industrial District 3 building four floor
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