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sales merchandiser
1 have strong language skills and communication skills
2 has the market analysis and judgment ability, good customer service attitude
3 responsible for the work, can bear the pressure of the work of the larger, cheerful personality

Job responsibilities:
1, regularly visit customers, the company''s sales policy advocacy, and requirements for the product display and maintenance according to the company''s image;
2, according to the channel characteristics, actively explore new customers, establish and improve the development and management of channel network customers;
3, investigate and collect the customer information within the area, to ensure that the information is true and accurate and timely update, maintain good customer;
4, to maintain the overall brand image, to understand the dynamic, timely feedback market information;

Job requirements:
1, technical secondary school / high school or above;
2, 1-2 years working experience in sales industry, electronic industry is preferred;
3, express clearly, have good communication skills and communication skills, with affinity, have good customer service consciousness, can bear hardships and stand hard work;
4, a sense of responsibility, can work under the pressure of a larger work, a team spirit, good at challenging self.
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